Organizing a closet full of pictures doesn’t have to be a challenge. First, think about the best way to categorize or sort your prints – by subject, event or date – whatever method works best for you. It also helps to imagine how you would search for specific images in the future once the prints are digitized.

The video above shows you an easy way to prepare photos and memorabilia to be digitized and archived.



Professional archiving is our jam!

Is the idea of organizing your life in photos too daunting? Or maybe you just inherited a storage unit full of your great grandfather’s photo collection? We get it – these treasures can be a real bear to manage. Ask about our professional photo organizing services and we’d be happy to take this project off your hands.

Your story is meant to be shared – and now is the perfect time to do it! Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect those photos of your grandparents, your high school prom and that family vacation to the Grand Canyon.