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Welcome to "Picture This" a visual guide to photography through user contributed photos

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  • By Jason Mills
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Welcome to "Picture This" a visual guide to photography  through user contributed photos

Join us on a community directed discussion of photography. Through community contribution we will be creating a guidebook for fellow photographers. Questions and constructive critique are welcome; in fact, they are vital for this project to reach it's potential. Welcome...

Each image posted will include as much of the shooting information as possible. The image above is from the archives. It was captured on Fuji Velvia 100 ISO slide film many years ago with a Canon A2 and Canon EF 80-200mm f/2.8 lens.

Location: Black Brook Beach, near Ingonish, Nova Scotia
Photographer: Jason Mills
ISO: 100
Shutter Speed: 3 seconds
Aperture: f/32
Filter: 3-stop Neutral Density
Mounted on Manfrotto Tripod

To contribute a photograph to the blog for discussion, please message us on our Facebook page or text an image to (252) 486-4770. If you wish for your image to remain anonymous please say so. Othewise, we will give credit to all images posted. The owner of the images retains all rights regardless of whether the post is anonymous or placed with credit.


  1. Catherine Catherine

    I love the colors in the cliffside and the water. And the contrast of the soft water through long exposure with the "hardness" of those rust-colored striations in the rock - so much great texture and detail. While some may have cropped out the lighter rock on the right of the photo - I like the way you left it in and I am reading it as perhaps another rock lying more horizontally in the next cove (because the light matches the light on the pointed rock in the middle), so it gives the photo depth and mystery as to what might be around that corner.

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