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Manfrotto Manfrotto Xume Lens Adapter 55mm

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Brand: Manfrotto
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Product Details

Manfrotto XUME magnetic quick release adapters allow you to attach filters to any lens, instantly and in any position. This patented system is the fastest and easiest solution for those who use photo and video filters: nothing needs to be aligned, the components do not have to be moved and the system is totally safe for any photographic equipment.

The Manfrotto XUME system consists of two main elements, the filter holder and the lens adapter. It will be sufficient to place them, respectively, on the filter and on the lens and, thanks to the magnetic connection, they will be assembled and joined in a moment, without the need to screw or unscrew. The 55mm Manfrotto XUME lens adapter has a beautiful high quality finish and, as soon as it is attached to a lens of the same size, it becomes an integral part of the photographic equipment itself. To use the lens adapter, a Manfrotto XUME filter holder of the same size is required.

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