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No dark room, no problem!  Bring in your 35mm and 120/220mm film for our convenient, in-house film processing services.  Our developing runs weekly with C-41 film running on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and traditional B&W on Thursdays.  We also offer printing and scanning services for your negatives.  Scanning will include a download link to your files available to you for 60 days.









Scanning Prices


Photo Scanning


35mm Roll

C-41:  $3.99

B&W:  $6.99

120/220mm Roll

C-41:  $6.99

B&W:  $8.99


Negative Scanning


35mm Roll

1037 x 1565:  $3.99

2048 x 3076:  $4.99

4492 x 6774:  $9.99

120/220mm Roll

1766 x 2412:  $5.99

3533 x 4824:  $9.99




Slide Scanning


Single Scan

High Resolution:  $1.99



Bulk Scans

250 Slide Scans:  $169.99

500 Slide Scans:  $269.99

1,000 Slide Scans:  $429.99