2020 has been quite the year, to say the least! For most of us, the holidays will feel a little different this year. Many of us will not be able to celebrate in-person with our loved ones. In this time of distancing, we are looking for a way to feel closer to our family and friends. This is the perfect year to send a joyful holiday greeting to stay connected. A personalized message, honoring the traditions that make the season special, will bring joy to every recipient.

Select Photos

Holiday card preparation is the best reason to spend time reviewing the memories you have captured over the past year. Select images that document special occasions and accomplishments, and those that best demonstrate the personalities of your family members – even the family pet! Choose up to a dozen images, and maybe even designate some favorites.

Holiday cards are also a great excuse to have a family photo shoot! This can be something casual that you do yourself with your camera or phone, utilizing a tripod and timer (or a selfie stick with a trigger). If you are looking for something more polished, call in a professional. Most photographers offer family mini sessions during the fall exactly for this purpose. All you have to do is decide what to wear!





Choose a Card

Photo greeting cards are available in a variety of styles to fit your family’s vibe this year. Choose from traditional or contemporary designs with multitudes of sentiments available in various sizes. Flat or folded? Horizontal, vertical or square? Or maybe a trifold, accordion fold or die cut (unique shapes/edges)? All of these are available with any number of photos, from the perfect single shot that you absolutely cannot wait to share, to the dozen that you just couldn’t narrow down.

Say hello and spread kindness with a warm, personal holiday card. Close the distance between you and those you love most in this incredibly unique year.