Success: Your Reinvention Formula

IPI – Member Network’s focus is the growth and success of independent businesses. We designed our 2017-2018 Formula for Success using the 13 key future growth areas mentioned below. I also highly recommend that every business join an association like IPI – Member Network, PRO, Foto Source, Camera House or Imaging Alliance. These groups offer tremendous value and are the only way to compete today.

  • We developed our licensed business model, The Print RefineryTM, by understanding that unique culture and consistent branding are most important. Everything that a customer sees, hear, feels or senses about your business is your brand; it should be consistent across all touch points.
  • You need a robust and mobile friendly website that matches your in-store brand experience. Use Google Analytics to track your results and then adjust accordingly.
  • Thoughtfully designed retail experiences allow you to compete against the online giants. Carefully create a customer journey that takes your customer from brand discovery to a store visit, from the purchase process to the packaging, from the use of your product to repeat business.
  • If what happens in-store is your best offense, put your best foot forward. A clean, simple and modern store design that incorporates smart focal points, effective lighting and clutter-free digital displays will be sure to impress.
  • Carefully curate product selection and displays to highlight what’s new and on trend, plus top sellers and high-margin items.
  • Offer unique products and services; think local and personalized.
  • Hire the right team by clearly communicating your culture, brand story, vision and values from the beginning.
  • Incorporate a stellar initial training program and offer continuous team training.
  • Position your business as the local expert by promoting the expertise of your team members and offering an engaging curriculum of classes and events.
  • Develop a local following by partnering with local influencers and groups, as well as hosting neighborhood events an empowering team members to share their excitement.
  • Deploy highly targeted marketing campaigns (Facebook makes this easy!) and track your results to adjust future efforts.
  • Hold an annual open house to engage your local community.
  • Creatively partner with other local businesses to fulfill their design, printing and photography needs.

Published in Digital Imaging Reporter