Preserving video memories for future generations!

Guess what? Videotapes can actually last for more than 30 years if they’re taken care of properly! But there’s a catch: if they’re kept in the wrong kind of place, like a shed up on a mountainside, they can get messed up over time. You see, when a videotape lives in a place like that, where the temperature and humidity go up and down a lot, it can make it harder to copy the video content successfully.

causes of vhs tape decay

Don’t worry, though! Even if your tapes have started to get a bit wonky because of where they were stored, there’s still a way to save the memories. If you want to keep your tapes safe, GET THEM DIGITIZED!  Make sure you protect those family memories with a video-to-digital transfer. Choose from a DVD or MP4 stored in the cloud or USB. The sooner you convert those tapes, the better chance your footage can be saved and your home movies preserved!